5 advantages of gift tin box

- Apr 24, 2020-

5 advantages of gift tin box

1. Good mechanical performance: Compared with other packaging, the gift tin box has much stronger strength, and has good rigidity and is not easy to be broken. Not only for small sales packaging, but also for large shipping packages.

2. Excellent sealing: The gift tin box has excellent sealing performance compared with any other materials, gas barrier, moisture proof, shading, taste preservation, and reliable sealing, which can protect the product to the utmost extent.

3. Process maturity: The production process of gift tin box appears very early, the process is quite mature, and the supporting production equipment and tools are also matured, so that the production efficiency can be improved to a greater extent, and various products can also be satisfied. Packaging needs.

4. Offset printing: The printing performance of metal materials is much better than other materials; logos, patterns, texts, etc. are very fine and round, which can effectively avoid paint fading and color loss.

5. Different shapes: Gift tins can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as square cans, oval cans, round cans, horseshoes, trapezoids, octagons, etc., which not only meet the packaging needs of different products, but also make tin cans. The packaging is more varied.

The gift tin box is a low-cost iron sheet, and its role cannot be underestimated. In addition to the above advantages, it is more important that the gift tin box is a green product, which can be quickly recycled after use.

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