Classification of tinplate cans

- May 23, 2017-

1. Canned food: tinplate can ensure food hygiene, minimize the likelihood of corruption, and effectively prevent health risks.

2. Beverage cans: Makou iron cans can be used to fill fruit juices, coffee, tea and sports drinks, can also be filled with cola, soda, beer and other beverages.

3. Grease tank: Light will cause and accelerate the oxidation reaction of oil, reduce nutritional value, may also produce harmful substances, more serious is the destruction of fat vitamins, especially vitamin D and vitamin A.

4. Chemical cans: tinplate material is solid, protective, not deformation, earthquake resistance, refractory, is the best packaging materials for chemicals.

5. Spray tank: can withstand high temperature and high pressure of the horse mouth iron cans, particularly suitable for high-pressure filling spray cans.

6. Dry-Mixed cans: changeable cans and beautifully printed biscuits barrels, stationery and milk cans are tinplate products.

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