Do you know a way to protect tinplate boxes from rust?

- Jul 23, 2020-

Do you know a way to protect tin boxes from rust?

Do you know a way to protect tin boxes from rust?

The material of the tin box is tin-plated sheet steel. Because iron and tin have different metallic properties, the two metals simply undergo oxidation reactions under natural conditions, causing the iron sheet to corrode and rust. And the finished tin box packaging does not need to worry about this problem at all, because before the tin box is formed, the tinplate will be treated with rust. One is printing and adding varnish, which not only beautifies the tin box, but also uses the printing used The ink and the varnish on the surface have been double-layered to protect the iron. So, how can we protect tinplate boxes from the rusty "destiny"?

1. Let's not put the tin box in a humid environment, and handle the tin box gently to prevent damage to the paint printing on the surface of the tin box.

2. we can use furniture wax, shoe polish, and floor wax at home to scrub the iron box, repeating it every time.

3. we can apply anti-rust paint or metal maintenance agent on the surface of the iron box once, which can effectively prevent the tinplate from touching the air directly.

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