How to clean and maintain the tea tin box?

- Dec 13, 2018-

1. Avoid contact with oil stains on tea tin boxes as less as possible. If you accidentally get some dirt that is difficult to remove, avoid rubbing with hard objects. Use cigarette ash to place them on the dirty place, wipe them with pure cotton cloth, decontamination, local stains. Wipe with a cotton cloth dampened with a polishing paste.

2. The tea cans on the frosted surface can be cleaned with warm soapy water; while the smooth tea iron box is smeared with high-quality silver-washed water to maintain a long-lasting luster.

3. Do not put food or beverages in the tea iron box overnight to avoid tarnishing the surface. After cleaning the tea tin box, be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry it in time, as residual detergent and water droplets will damage the surface gloss of the tea iron box.

4. Avoid the tea tin box touching the flame or placed in the heated area. When the tea iron box is heated to above 160 degrees Celsius, the texture will become brittle and the utensils will peel off into powder or dish. Therefore, the tea iron box manufacturer recommends that you have tea. Iron box crafts should not be heated to above 160 degrees Celsius to avoid damage.


In fact, it is not difficult to say that it is difficult to clean and maintain the tea tin box. It is not simple to say that it is simple. This depends mainly on how you clean and maintain the tea tin box.

The above is the iron box manufacturer Shangmei Xiaobian to share with you how to ingeniously clean and maintain the contents of the tea tin box, hoping to help friends in need, Shangzhimei is a professional manufacturer of tinplate tinplate and tin can packaging. The iron box custom production industry has 13 years of production experience. If you need custom iron box and other packaging, please feel free to contact us.

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