How will the appearance of the tin box be recognized by people

- Apr 23, 2020-

How will the appearance of the tin box be recognized by people?

As people pay more and more attention to the appearance of the products, the production of  tin box gives us a good choice, no matter it is color, shape, pattern, etc., it has certain requirements when it is made. So what kind of appearance standard can make the iron tin box production meet certain requirements, and thus it is recognized by people?

The pattern and text content of the iron tin can should be consistent with the pattern. There is no more printing or missing printing. The pattern and text are printed accurately. The inaccuracy of the overprint is not more than 0.5mm. The tin layer of the iron box wall and the sealing edge should be complete. The tin and tin roads are rough, no obvious scratches and rusting of the iron box, no leakage caused by blisters.

The standard of the tinplate metal box joint refilling tape should be smooth and even, completely covering the weld seam and the blank part, and the curing is complete without large bubbles and iron spots. Round can coating should not fall off, inflow glue, iron sulfide, no serious sulphide, oxidized ring. The shape of the round can should be complete and there should be no deformation such as cans or burrs.

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