Is the cost of tin box low?

- Jul 13, 2020-

Is the cost of tin box low?

What customers care about is quotation, which is an unavoidable topic. Frequently encountered customers call to consult, customers said: I want to make a tin box, about how much money. This is very embarrassing, because the tin box manufacturer's quotation to the customer is calculated based on many factors, and it is not a sloppy quotation to the customer, which is perfunctory. Apart from the time cost and some external conditions, simply thinking about the cost of the iron box, you can budget the cost of the iron box according to the following aspects:

The quantity of tinplate box customization price is the main reason for the customization of the packaging box. The manufacturer of the packaging box is different from the merchants on the market. The manufacturer is wholesale, unlike the merchants who can sell them individually. Therefore, its quotation will definitely be cheaper than the quotation on the market. Packaging manufacturers usually have a MOQ, and the manufacturer will only pick up your order when a certain number is available. If the quantity is small, it is not cost-effective; if the quantity is large, the lower the manufacturer’s quotation, the lower the cost. Therefore, the number of customized boxes is the main factor affecting the quotation.

Then comes the raw materials of tinplate box customization, which is the main reason, it plays a decisive role in the customized quotation of the packaging box. The quotation of the selected raw materials will be expensive, and the quotation of the usual raw materials will be cheap. The selection of materials is very important, and it also directly affects the level and quality of the packaging box. If the data is good, the packaging box must be high-level and have a texture. In the customization of packaging boxes, the cheap ones are corrugated boxes. The usual quotation is a few cents to a few dollars. Boutique boxes are a little more expensive, ranging from a few to a dozen. The more expensive ones are the advanced boxes, which are usually dozens of dollars, and are the boxes for valuables.

The third is the size of the tinplate box customized. There are many materials used in the box. The quotation will naturally go up. If a small jewelry box, the quotation will not go anywhere naturally, so the customized quotation of the box is the packaging. The scale of the box is proportional to the size.

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