Outline the key impact of color on mini colorful tin box packaging design

- Apr 27, 2020-

Outline the key impact of color on mini colorful tin box packaging design

Mini Tin box packaging design, in the constant experiment and search, and looking for the beautiful emotions of human life, color is extremely valuable. It is the most crucial for us to express the influence of hobbies, tastes and thoughts. It is necessary for us to grasp the color, make beautiful tin box packaging and enrich our life.

Color is the visual information symbol that responds to visual stimuli in the elements of human vision. Features and functions of mini tin gift box packaging. It is important to note that no matter what color, it should be based on the content of the product as the basic starting point. Color is ubiquitous in people's lives, and people's lives are also bright and beautiful because of the color. The use of color knowledge is always an unavoidable problem in the process of making and designing life.

According to the color of the tin gift box packaging, consumers can think of the goods in the tin box packaging. If this practice is violated, it may mislead consumers, which is not conducive to the sale of goods. In color science, this color that reflects the attributes of goods is called the image color. The use of image color should follow the appropriate and vivid guidelines.

There is a lot of learning about color, which includes optics, aesthetics, psychology, and so on. Psychologists have proposed many theories of the relationship between color and human psychology in recent years. They pointed out that each color has a certain symbolic meaning. When visually touching a certain color, the brain nerves will receive the signal of color distribution, and instantly generate associations. For example, red symbolizes enthusiasm, and people who see red are happy; experienced Designers often use color ingeniously to evoke psychological associations to achieve their own design goals. Being able to present color is an important factor in beautifying and highlighting products. The use of colorful tin case packaging color is closely related to the design of the entire screen design and the flattening of color requirements. High degree of exaggeration and discoloration is a means of mini tin case packaging art. At the same time, the color of the colorful tin case packaging must also be constrained by the process, materials and sales territory.

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