Requirements of tinplate printing on ink

- May 23, 2017-

Tinplate surface is silver (or yellow), metallic luster, before the printing of color text, the need to paint the surface white or white, subject to the limitations of ink coverage, monochrome machine is often required by 2 times the white, its whiteness of up to 75%.

Whiteness as an important indicator of the quality of tinplate printing products, requires white ink with a good combination of primer, after several high-temperature baking not yellowing, high-temperature steaming is not Yarse, the tinplate coating primer, you can increase the adhesion with the tinplate, dialogue ink has a good combination.

The commonly used primer is epoxy amine base type, has the color shallow, after several times bake not yellowing, does not have the aging characteristic and the flexibility good, the impact resistance craft performance.

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