Review of National Tinplate Market

- Aug 01, 2020-

This week, the mainstream prices in the spot market fluctuated strongly. Due to the fact that electronic disk drives the market to a certain extent, and the high resource cost of most varieties, the overall trend of the spot market in the first half of the week was slightly better. However, with the decline of electronic disks in the second half of the week and the greater impact of rain on market demand, merchants quotations have been loosened. Near the weekend, the spot market operations were basically based on shipments, and individual varieties were less loose due to cost support. The overall price of the tinplate market has temporarily stabilized this week, but the transaction performance has been poor. Looking forward to the third quarter, from the survey, the current overall tinplate market has undergone major changes compared with the previous market's supply and demand structure. The strong trend of hot-rolled substrates since June has also provided greater support to the spot market, and the overall spot price is basically operating at a high level; Its downstream can-making customers have not started construction for 2 consecutive weeks since June. The factory's futures price trend began to decrease attention. On the one hand, the overall market price of tinplate in the third quarter will continue to run at a high level, and the pressure of competition in the domestic market will continue to increase. On the other hand, with the further control of the foreign epidemic situation, orders from major exporting countries will return to normal. In view of the high domestic market prices, Major importing countries will seize the domestic market share with low-priced resources, thereby driving further growth in imports.

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