Standard of tin box

- Jul 02, 2020-

Standard of tin box

The surface of the packaging iron box must be smooth and clean, and there should be no obvious foreign objects and debris. The tank can't have edges and burrs. The pictures and text on the outer surface should be free of severe scratches, scratches, and the color of the pictures and text on the surface should be correct, uniform and bright. The mesh of the picture should be clear and clear, and the layers should be clear and intact. Undesirable problems such as burrs, air bubbles and uneven paint.

The picture and text content of the packaging iron box should be consistent with the sample version without overprinting or missing printing. The overprint of the picture and text is accurate, and the inaccuracy of the overprinting is not more than 0.5mm. The tin layer on the tank wall and the sealing curl should be intact, no Roughness of tin piles and tin roads, no significant scratches and rust, no leakage caused by trachoma, etc.

   The round coating tape should be smooth and even, completely cover the welding seam and the empty part, completely cured, without large bubbles and iron points. There should be no drop in the coating of the round tank, internal glue, iron sulfide, no severe vulcanization spots, oxidation ring. The shape of the round tank should be intact, and there should be no deformation such as deflated tank or protruding corner.

The crimped parts of the packaging iron box must not have quick mouths, false rolls and large collapses, and there should be no incomplete crimping, crimping teeth, iron tongues, jump seals, crimping cracks, filler extrusion, sharp edges, lip drop , Double lines and other shortcomings caused by the failure of the indenter and curling roller. The cans are required to be evenly scribed, without the bad scoring, the cover cannot be pulled or the ring is welded to death.

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