Tea Tin Can Customized- Why use tin box for packing tea?

- Jan 10, 2019-

As the saying goes, good horses are well-equipped with good saddles, and good teas need to be equipped with cans. The preservation of tea is extremely particular. The choice of containers has become a problem for many businesses. 

The tin can production plant, Meiko Tins would like to explain it, so that everyone can refer to it.


It is well known that the adsorption of tea leaves is very good. The tightness of tinplate cans is very good, which can effectively avoid the mixing of tea leaves and other odors, and the drying and opacity of tea cans are very good, which can isolate moisture and tea deterioration, while tinplate cans In addition to meeting these characteristics, it is also very hygienic and environmentally friendly, which can guarantee the safety and hygiene of tea.


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