Tin Products Maintenance

- May 23, 2017-

1. Remember to store the pure tin boutique in the clean, dry place.

2. Do not use dishwashers or brushes to clean pure tin products.

3. Avoid pure tin boutique contact flame or place in the heated area.

4. People living in the seaside area should be more frequent cleaning of tin, because the amount of salt in the air will make it lose luster.

5. Use warm water to clean, after cleaning with a soft dry cloth wipe can.

6. The use of soft dry cloth and high-quality silver polishing agent wipe can make the surface smooth as new.

7. After a long time, the pattern color will darken, can be lotus leaf stem or lotus leaf boiled water, wipe cleaning, that will be descaling as new.

8. If the tin device for some reason oxidized plaque, can be cut into two halves of fresh tomatoes, in order to rub spots, static for a few minutes, rinse with water, rust can be cleared.

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