Tips for choosing tea cans

- May 23, 2017-

1. Wooden Tea jar: The sealing performance is good, the price is moderate, suitable for the general household storage tea use.

2. Paper Tea pot: Sealing performance is general, low price, suitable for the use of the public, it is not appropriate to use this tea cans store more expensive tea. After the release of tea, to drink as soon as possible, not suitable for long time preservation.

3. Stainless Steel tea pot: Good sealing performance, price mid-range, moisture-proof, light-proof performance is better, suitable for family storage tea.

4. Tin Tea cans: good sealing performance, light, moisture-proof, anti-odor performance, suitable for storage of more expensive tea.

5. Bamboo Tea Cans: Sealing performance is general, affordable, suitable for the storage of middle and low tea.

6. Ceramic Tea cans: Sealing performance in general, light, moisture-proof performance, disadvantage is not durable, poor storage, there is a risk of breaking, more suitable for playing watch.

7. Iron Tea Pot: The sealing performance is general, the light performance is better, but the moistureproof performance is poor, the time is long, also may rust, is not suitable to store the precious tea.

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