What are the requirements for food tins?

- Jul 30, 2020-

What are the requirements for food tins?

1. Security

As a food tin container, since it has to be directly touched with the food, the most important and basic thing is that it is harmless to the human body and ensures that the food conforms to the hygiene regulations of various countries. Canned food for export generally meets the relevant sanitary standards of the FDA and importing countries.

2. Tightness

Since food is usually ulcerated due to microorganisms, it is necessary for the food tin box to have reliable sealing properties so that after the food is heated and sterilized, it can no longer be contaminated by external microorganisms.

3. Corrosion resistance

A large part of the food in the food tin box contains certain nutrients, organic acids and certain compounds, which will differentiate during the high temperature and high pressure sterilization process, and then increase the corrosion of the food tin box. Therefore, in order to ensure the longevity of the food For time storage, the selected food tin box must have excellent corrosion resistance.

4. Convenience

As a container for storing food, it is necessary to facilitate consumers to take and take food, and to have the conditions for remote transportation.

5. Suitable for industrial production

In the production process of metal mini tin cans, they have to withstand various mechanical stamping, crimping, welding and other processes, and the demand is large, and mass production is required, so it is necessary to have the production requirements of factory mechanization and automation, and the power of the fire partner should be high. , Stable quality, low cost and can meet the needs of modern production processing.

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