What do you think of the food tin box?

- Aug 04, 2020-

What do you think of the food tin box?

At present, the mainstream food tin box packaging material on the market is tinplate, but the difference in production technology makes the food tin box divided into two categories, one is national standard cans and the other is miscellaneous cans. Simply put, national standard cans have national uniform production standards. Can be in direct contact with food, such as milk powder tins, Red Bull tins, etc. Miscellaneous tins are usually tea tins, moon cake tins, etc. It can be said that whether it is national standard cans or miscellaneous cans are safe and non-toxic, you can rest assured that there is no problem in using them and will not affect the internal product quality.

   box packaging is not only used in the food packaging industry, iron boxes are made of different materials, common tinplate, aluminum, tin, stainless steel, etc. The application range of tin box packaging is becoming more and more extensive. The tin box packaging products that you see every day include cosmetic tin boxes, tea tin boxes, gift packaging tin boxes, tobacco and alcohol tin boxes, etc. It can be said that tin box packaging has penetrated people. In all aspects of daily life work, once the product is on fire, it is easy to cause controversy, and the same is true for food tin packaging.

  What are the functions or benefits of specific food tin packaging? This is also what people want to understand, after all, the cost of iron box packaging will be greater than other packaging materials. First of all, the food tin box has a very good insulation effect, and its sealing performance is much higher than other packaging materials, so as to be moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof; secondly, the food tin box packaging has great advantages in the transportation process. Good protection of the product from damage; third, the appearance of the food tin box packaging is more exquisite, with vivid patterns and bright colors, and the metallic luster on the surface of the packaging greatly improves the aesthetics of the product; fourth, the tin box is environmentally friendly and saves It can be recycled and reprocessed and can also be used to keep the contents. If you need to customize the tin box packaging, you can contact the Jinyu can manufacturer to professionally customize the tinplate packaging of tea food.

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