What should be paid attention to when buying tin box packaging

- Jun 10, 2020-

What should be paid attention to when buying tin box packaging?

Metal is the most abundant element content in the earth's crust, but energy/box is an infinite circulation and continuous new cans and recycled materials of other metal tin products. Metal tin does not generate garbage or waste, so it is called the most environmentally friendly food packaging Iron kettle for products.

General foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruits can be made from metal tin cans, food metal boxes, and empty cans of main foods. After degassing, sealing, and reheating, the purpose of freshness and sterilization is achieved, so the sterilization or sealing process is not in place. Food packaged in metal cans is easily damaged and cannot be eaten. The metal box is currently the most environmentally friendly and safe food container. Experts in the metal tin industry believe that "canned foods do not add any preservatives and can be used for food packaging with a shelf life of up to 3 years. The airtightness and barrier properties of metal box packaging also ensure that food does not produce harmful bacterial contamination under normal temperature storage conditions. So how to choose this kind of metal packaging food?

1. Purchase food packaging products can check the production date and shelf life:

Date of production is not the only way to judge the quality of metal cans, because the quality of cans and the various environmental factors during storage are also closely related. However, the general situation of canned can be stored for one to two years, some cans will determine the expiration date, if it is expired or unclear do not buy canned food.

2. Is the metal seal closed by food tin? Is there juice from food?

Pick up the can and shake it gently, if the food packaging can have juice flowing out, it is said that the seal is not tight. The seal is not tight, easy to contact with microorganisms, and the content is contaminated. This metal can is not available.

3. Is there any rust or scratches on the tin box casing of food packaging?

Metal box rust can cause perforation of cans, and the entry of microorganisms can easily deteriorate food. A metal can can be twisted or severely scratched combined with concave cans, perhaps during handling or storage, collision and scratches to ensure product quality and safety, it is best not to buy canned food packaging cans.

In short, the printing performance of metal materials is good, and metal box food packaging can easily print various colors, patterns, trademarks, etc. Packed in bright and beautiful tin packaging, the packaging container is a good sales package.

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