Forecast Of Development Prospect Of Metal Packaging Industry In China

- May 23, 2017-

Along with the rapid growth of economy and consumption in China in recent years, as an important part of China's packaging industry, metal packaging because of its good sealing and has a bright pattern, in food, beverages, daily necessities and household goods industry has been widely used, especially food and beverages have become the largest metal packaging market, and chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry has become an important market for metal packaging.

China's metal packaging industry has been formed including the printing of iron, cans, covers, barrels and other products of the complete metal packaging industrial system. In recent years, China's metal packaging industry has entered a rapid development period.

According to experts predicted that China's metal packaging industry in the next 3-5 years of huge development space, breakthrough billion production value has become a foregone conclusion, the continuous growth of food and FMCG, especially the rapid growth of beverages as consumer goods, the higher the number of beer cans, the strong demand for two cans in rural market, the gradual improvement of metal packaging machinery equipment, management and capacity scale, therefore, China's metal packaging industry will be a big business.

At present, China has developed into the world's second largest metal packaging manufacturing countries, a large number of big metal packaging industry groups continue to emerge, these enterprises and canned food industry to strengthen communication and cooperation to achieve common development pattern has been formed.

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