How To Develop Green Packaging?

- May 23, 2017-

First of all, we should start with packing picture design. The design should pay attention to the reduction of packaging, metal bottles can not make excessive packaging, to pay attention to the packaging resources, to pay special attention to the harmless packaging, to avoid the use of difficult to degrade, the environmental hazards of plastic packaging, iron box packaging not only environmental protection, but also, no harm to human body!

Second, vigorously develop biodegradable new packaging materials, to do a good job of packaging waste recycling and use, to establish and improve the recycling price system!

Finally, we should pay attention to the recycling of recycled products, the recovery after the classification of a part of the restoration of raw materials and new packaging products, other residues can produce other materials!

Anyway, green packaging is an important trend in the future, and the State pays attention to environmental protection of green packaging, green packaging become the mainstream of society!

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