How To Recycle Tin And Steel Cans?

- May 26, 2020-

Steel Can Recycling Preparation

  1. Most steel cans will have a paper label, which does not need to be removed. The paper will be removed during the recycling process, and since it’s a low quality of paper, it won’t be worth your time to remove and recycle it with other paper.

2.You should rinse your cans to remove any leftover food. This will prevent your recycling bin from smelling and reduce the risk of animals attacking your recycling.

3.Completely remove the lid (also made of steel) and insert into the can, then pinch the top so it closes. This will also prevent birds or cats from getting their heads stuck in the cans.


Why Recycle Steel Cans

Steel has the highest recycling rate of any material, at more than 88 percent. While this is largely due to scrap metal such as cars, steel cans are able to be recycled into any steel product.

Steels cans may be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality. Unlike glass, paper or plastic, metal is in limited supply, putting extra importance on recycling.

Two-thirds of all new steel manufactured comes from recycled steel, meaning one-third must still come from virgin material.

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