Ma Kou Iron Cans: Packaging Materials In Line With Environmental Protection Requirements

- May 23, 2017-

1. Low pollution:

Tinplate, the main ingredient in the tin container, in fact, is environmentally benign, can be decomposed naturally, because when the iron cans exist in the environment, can naturally oxidize and revert to the original iron oxide state, return to nature, so the heap of scrap can be decomposed by time, and will not cause environmental pollution. At the same time, the production of iron cans do not cut down trees, not destroy the ecological balance.

2. Recyclable:

The canister itself has a characteristic that is not available in other packaging materials-it can be adsorbed by magnets, so that the magnetic separator can be separated from the waste by magnetic force, and the use of this feature can easily achieve the effect of 80 of the tin cans in waste recovery. The invention of environmental protection lid not only makes the use of iron cans more safe and hygienic, but also effectively reduces the amount of refuse, and has direct and obvious benefit to the recovery operation.

3. Province Resources:

In the removal of other pollution residues on the iron cans, the cutting machine equipment has been developed, which can effectively remove more than 98 of the contaminants and provide good quality scrap iron.

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