Notes On The Design Of Iron Box Packaging

- May 23, 2017-

1. First of all, we want to select the seeds, generally selected seeds are high-grade products, and in the market high-grade seed packaging, the leading "iron box packaging."

2. Secondly, we should control the moisture content of seeds, the seed moisture content of the seed to the safe storage of great impact, iron box packaging has a very good sealing, anti-false easy cover not only played a very good anti-counterfeiting role, or the air of the "isolation board", so that the seeds are not easy to damp.

3. Again, the selection of suitable packaging materials and packaging specifications can be based on different crop varieties, grain type, the amount of seed and seed price, the selection of different materials packaging. Packaging with sophisticated iron drums, iron boxes, iron cans, such as high-quality packaging. The design pattern of the crop is printed on the Special packing iron box, which is beautiful and easy to transport and keep.

4. Finally, the seed packaging must be based on the sales plan, the main packaging material is the horse mouth iron cans, the price is more expensive, so the seed packaging must accurately forecast market demand, do according to the needs of packaging, reduce the blind packaging caused by the seed backlog caused by unnecessary economic losses.

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