Small Tin Ball with strap

Small Tin Ball with strap

"Small Tin Ball with strap" is made of 0.25mm T1 first grade tinplate,for Christmas gift packaging,2 half pieces structure, with strap can be hanged on high place, CMYK printing with glossy varnishing, matte finishing is available, custom logo design welcome, OEM design accept.

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Small Tin Ball with strap is made of 0.25mm T1 first class tinplate, white spot with CMYK printing, FDA food-grade standard tinplate so inside of ball can contact food directly, such as chocolate/ cookie/ biscuit/ candy/tea/coffee can be stored inside, customized design or OEM order is welcome, more 1000 sizes and shapes available, welcome your inquiry!

Mold            MK-4023

Size              D70Hmm

OEM             custom logo design accept, CMYK OEM design

MOQ            5,000 pcs

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  • Sedex member factory, Disney approved factory

  • 600+wokers, 30000 square meters.

  • We set up Co-Pack dust-free workroom in our facility(A value added service to our customers).

  • 35 Automati-stamping production line for tin boxes.

  • Passed ISO, SGS, Sedex, BSCI, Disney, FDA, LFGB, EN71 and CA65 Certificates, to promise good quality and your smoothly custom clearance.

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How does the gift box get "happy" from customers?

How does the gift box get "happy" from customers?

A product that flows into the market and wants to win the customer's favor, then it is necessary to do a good job in all aspects of the product, otherwise it is difficult, there are various styles for people to choose, can be recycled, and gift boxes are also Same, so how does the gift box get customers' "happy"? Let's take a closer look at it for you. 

First, diversified styles

It can personally plan and produce in terms of color, graphics and shape. It has a variety of styles. The enterprise can customize the exclusive gift box packaging with high recognition, build a brand image externally, enhance the desire of customers and buyers, and identify you at a glance The product.

Second, the level of high-end

The quality of the products packed with iron boxes can be better guaranteed. The toughness of the iron boxes can resist the kneading of external forces. The tightness can block the chemical reaction between water and oxygen in the air, protecting the quality of the products. , So the products packed with iron boxes give people a reliable and high-level feeling, and it is right to buy it.

Three, practical and durable, can be recycled twice

The gift tin ball is well planned and can be recycled and reused for better environmental protection. The recycled gift Small Tin Ball with strap can be used to store or cultivate bonsai plants.

The above is how the gift box is introduced to us by the editor. We hope that the editor's summary will help us. If you want to know more about the gift box, welcome to pay attention to this site.

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