Custom Transparent PET Tin

Custom Transparent PET Tin

"Custom Transparent PET Tin" is made of 0.23 mm first grade tinplate and clear 40C PET,3 pieces structure(lid/round body/base), as a gift/chocolate/candy/biscuit/toy/electronic products packaging, CMYK printing with glossy varnishing or matte finishing, custom logo design welcome, OEM design accept.

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Custom Transparent PET Tin is made of 0.23mm homemade first class tinplate and 40C clear PET, one panton color printing on lid and bottom, CMYK printing at PET body, FDA food-grade standard for both metal tin and PET, customized design or OEM order is welcome, more 1000 sizes and shapes available, welcome your inquiry!

Mold            MK-3019

Size              D65*113mm

OEM             custom logo design accept, CMYK OEM design

MOQ            5,000 pcs

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About Our Company

chocolate packaging box

  • Sedex member factory, Disney approved factory

  • 600+wokers, 30000 square meters.

  • We set up Co-Pack dust-free workroom in our facility(A value added service to our customers).

  • 35 Automati-stamping production line for tin boxes.

  • Passed ISO, SGS, Sedex, BSCI, Disney, FDA, LFGB, EN71 and CA65 Certificates, to promise good quality and your smoothly custom clearance.

Chocolate box customized

Can the gift box be quickly ordered online?

As the number of people continues to increase, because there are many people in society who choose to invest, why would you say that, because if you start investing now, then in the next few years or decades, Duhui is a very good development The trend is that the current industry development is not bad, and technology is also rising step by step. If more and more people choose network technology, they must learn a lot of network now, and there are more books about science and technology, but it still depends on your brain's ability to respond. Although the amount of knowledge of a person depends on the creativity of the brain, it does not make much sense if there is no training. In a sense, the gift box is better in a sense. Where to give it to others to accept it is more decent.

Dongguan gift box can be installed many times for a long time, not easy to rust, this is also a function. Because the gift box is very strong, it can also be used as a piggy bank. In the age of parents, gift tin boxes can also be used to wrap gift tin boxes, and other items can be donated after packing other items. At that time, tin boxes were still full of memories, every family had. In fact, the money your parents gave you seems to be stored directly in the phone, and where is the tin box that saves money. As life gets better and better, current customs are slowly falling behind. The gift box is a gift of the parents generation, because the price of the gift box is relatively expensive, and the gift box means full moon and harmony. Although it is said that the standard of living is very good, some people still order gift boxes online. Therefore, as our generation, we can learn more traditional customs.

The advantages of Custom Transparent PET Tin: reusable

The current environmental protection concept has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the Green Packaging Initiative is being implemented nationwide, which is beneficial to humans and the environment. Since the metal box can be reused, resource waste is reduced. In fact, used metal boxes in good condition are the same as new metal boxes. If the gift box is no longer used, it can be recycled and used to produce other gift boxes or other items. Having a gift tin box on hand is an investment. If you have insufficient cash, it is easy to sell. Regardless of the condition of the container, you can still profit from it.

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