Tin Product Case Rectangle

Tin Product Case Rectangle

"Tin product case rectangle" is made of 0.21mm first grade tinplate,with a separate lid,2 pieces structured, for biscuit/candy/food/gift storage, edge of lid roll outward, CMYK printing with glossy varnishing or matte finishing, custom logo design welcome, OEM design accept.

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Product Details

Name           Tin product case rectangle

Mold            MK-2002

Size              50*45*10Hmm

OEM             custom logo design accept, CMYK OEM design

MOQ            20,000 pcs

"Tin product case rectangle" is made of 0.21mm first grade tinplate,with a separate lid,2 pieces structured, for biscuit/candy/food/gift storage, edge of lid roll outward, CMYK printing with glossy varnishing or matte finishing, custom logo design welcome, OEM design accept.

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Dongguan Meiko Tins Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is located in Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is an international tin making enterprise specialized in the production of various high-quality tinplate metal packages. 

(Tin product case rectangle)

Through long-term development, now Meiko has ranked among the largest tin box manufacturers at home and abroad. Meiko always implements high-quality and high-service management philosophy.

Relying on international development philosophy and taking international management quality as goal and 100% customer satisfaction as goal, Meiko sincerely looks forward to cooperation with you!

You may have a look at us live-action VR: https://www.linked-reality.com/company/12318/en 

Our Certificate

Meiko received ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2008 and passed SGS, BRC, Coca cola, SEDEX, and NBCU and other third-party quality system argumentation and social responsibility argumentation, to provide product quality assurance, so that customers can use with confidence!


How to design a personalized tin box packaging

In today's increasingly homogenized product packaging, how to make the product packaging personalized has become a place where product manufacturers and tin box manufacturers want to break through, but in fact it is not easy, then how can we make the tin box packaging of our products? Personalized? Let's discuss it with the tin box packaging.

1, do more market adjustment to find the right direction

In order to make the enterprise product packaging personalized, the first step is to conduct a detailed investigation of the competitors of the company's product industry, analyze the packaging characteristics of the competitors, and collect those packagings that have the characteristics and can attract the attention of consumers in the first time, and then The entire industry packaging is researched and analyzed to find the inspiration and design direction needed for packaging design, so as to ensure the uniqueness and individuality of the designed packaging.

2. Unify packaging and brand image

In the design of tin box packaging, it must be combined with brand temperament, corporate culture and connotation. It must not be differentiated from product packaging. Product packaging is originally part of the brand image. If the company designs it as another whole, The packaging that is designed is also inconsistent with the enterprise, and the packaging design must conform to the overall feeling of the enterprise.

3. Select relevant elements according to product characteristics

With the advancement of society, the requirements for the use of packaging design elements have also begun to change. Today's consumers prefer simple and generous fashion or products with unique Chinese elements. These elements are applied to the design of tin box packaging. The level of welcome and the level of attraction to consumers will be higher.

However, in the product brand image, the use of elements must have other emphasis, use simple elements as much as possible, so that the overall packaging of the package is less complex, giving people a more generous experience. Make sure to match the elements reasonably, and highlight the brand name, product name and other featured products.

4, the packaging design is unique to the end

If the products and brands of the company are to be highlighted from the many brands on the shelves, it is necessary to work hard from the packaging design to make the tin box packaging unique. In the unique design, you can use the unique color, and distinguish the eye-catching color from other similar products;

In the shape of the packaging, many of the packagings are now in a popular design style. It is difficult to attract the attention of consumers with the same products of the same packaging. From different aspects, it is possible to reduce the conflict with other brand products.

The use of outer packaging for products is not only for packaging products, but also for corporate image, brand culture and brand promotion. The quality and level of packaging are reflected in the eyes of consumers in many ways. The concept of packaging also reflects the creativity of the brand.

The role of product packaging is actually greater than expected, it not only helps to enhance the image of the product brand, but also promotes the market sales of the product. Enterprises should attach importance to the use of tin box packaging design as a key point, and create a distinctive packaging that conforms to the product brand image and contains the company's cultural characteristics.

As one of the leading Rectangular Tin Boxes manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're equipped with an SEDEX audited and BRC approved factory at your service. If you're interested in our tin product case rectangle, please be free to wholesale our quality products. For customized service and custom products, please inform us of details now.
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