150g Metal Tin Box Tea

150g Metal Tin Box Tea

"150g metal tin box tea" is made of 0.23 mm first grade tinplate,with diamond pattern embossing,it feels like light spread at top, can hold around 150g tea, 4-pieces structure(lid/body/side/lid insert), without hinge, CMYK printing with matte varnishing, glossy finishing is available, custom logo design welcome, OEM design accept.

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150g metal tin box tea is made of 0.23mm homemade first class tinplate, can contact tea directly, also can be used to pack other food such as chocolate/ cookie/ biscuit/ candy/tea/coffee, so consumer will be eye catched soon with dimond pattern, it feels like the light is spread at top, customized design or OEM order is welcome, more 1000 sizes and shapes available, welcome your inquiry!

Mold            MK-1003

Size              60*60*80Hmm

OEM             custom logo design accept, CMYK OEM design

MOQ            5,000 pcs

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150g metal tin box tea

  • Sedex member factory, Disney approved factory

  • 600+wokers, 30000 square meters.

  • We set up Co-Pack dust-free workroom in our facility(A value added service to our customers).

  • 35 Automati-stamping production line for tin boxes.

  • Passed ISO, SGS, Sedex, BSCI, Disney, FDA, LFGB, EN71 and CA65 Certificates, to promise good quality and your smoothly custom clearance.

150g metal tin box tea

What is the difference between tea packaging tin box and other ways?

What is the difference in production process between tea packaging tin box/carton/wooden box? According to different materials, tea boxes have different production processes, and the machines and manual skills used are also different.

NO 1. Printing and production process of metal tea tinplate box: 

1. Material selection: tinplate, aluminum, etc.

2, making molds

3, cutting pieces 

4. After confirmation, the finished products will be released in batches. In recent years, the production process has been continuously upgraded, customer needs have been continuously optimized, and new processes have emerged one after another.

NO 2. The printing process of tea cartons:

The choice of paper quality, including the surface material (special paper, leather-filled paper, PU leather, coated paper, pink paper) 2. The choice of embryo body material (gray card, single white card, double white card, double copper card, Single copper card, environmentally friendly plastic embryos, etc.) 3. Make knife molds, and test beer and materials. After confirming the process and methods, perform batch cutting of materials for batch preparation. 4. Assemble and assemble packaging boxes in the assembly workshop. Hand-made and packaged to produce the finished product 3. Printing and production process of tea wooden box:

There are three types of wooden tea boxes according to the materials: solid wood tea boxes, MDF tea boxes and plywood tea boxes, among which solid wood tea boxes and MDF tea boxes are the most common.

The production process of solid wood tea box is first to choose the material, that is, to choose the wood used to make the wood embryo. Commonly used solid wood such as beech, pine, rubber wood, etc., when choosing the wood, you can choose a whole log or a plank that has already been opened. Boards, MDF boards, decks, etc.; after selecting the materials, the next step is to cut and splice the wood blanks in the woodworking workshop, and carry out the sand throwing of the first embryos; after the wood blanks are made, if you choose to use logs, you can directly export The finished product will not be treated with external craftsmanship, and the finished product will be directly decorated and packaged by the inner support.

Hope you can choose 150g metal tin box tea as your packaing.

But most of the time the surface of the wooden box needs to be treated with paint and other decorative patterns. At this time, the wooden embryo needs to be treated with primer, frosting, color oil, and top oil. If it is a matte paint effect, it does not need to be polished, otherwise bright paint It needs to be polished, and the logo production process of the wooden tea box includes the following methods: bronzing, silk printing, metal characters, embossing, engraving, metal plates and other production methods.

As one of the leading Square Tin Boxes manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're equipped with an SEDEX audited and BRC approved factory at your service. If you're interested in our 150g metal tin box tea, please be free to wholesale our quality products. For customized service and custom products, please inform us of details now.
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