Metal Candy Tins Square

Metal Candy Tins Square

"metal candy tins square" is made of 0.23 mm first grade tinplate,for small candy packaging,keep food fresh/against crush, 2-pieces structure(lid/body), CMYK printing with glossy varnishing, matte finishing is available, custom logo design welcome, OEM design accept.

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metal candy tins square is made of 0.23mm homemade first class tinplate, CMYK printing, FDA food-grade standard tinplate so inside of box can pack candy directly, consumers can open the sliding lid by single hand. 

Customized design or OEM order is welcome, more 1000 sizes and shapes available, welcome your inquiry!

Mold            MK-1004

Size              66*66*20Hmm

OEM             custom logo design accept, CMYK OEM design

MOQ            10,000 pcs

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About Our Company

small bespoke tin box

  • Sedex member factory, Disney approved factory

  • 600+wokers, 30000 square meters.

  • We set up Co-Pack dust-free workroom in our facility(A value added service to our customers).

  • 35 Automati-stamping production line for tin boxes.

  • Passed ISO, SGS, Sedex, BSCI, Disney, FDA, LFGB, EN71 and CA65 Certificates, to promise good quality and your smoothly custom clearance.

small bespoke tin box

sweet crit from the metal candy tins square?

The sweet crit from the candy food tin box, are you ready to enjoy?

When it comes to snacks, we will definitely not leave any candy behind. Not only children love it, but adults also love it. Practice has proved that eating sweets can make people feel happy, improve people's refreshment, and improve people's memory. There are many types of candies, including hard candies, soft candies, toffees, filled candies and so on. The white rabbits, lollipops, and chocolate beans that we often eat are all classified as candy. In recent years, with the advancement of consumption levels, confectionery brands have emerged one after another, and how to emerge has become one of the tests for businesses.

Recalling the development of candy, we can easily find that in addition to functional selling points, the packaging is also unique. Since the start of candy, more and more businesses have adopted well-conceived packaging to attract customers. In many packaging methods, iron boxes are the mainstay. The tin box is used as the raw material for candy packaging. Compared with plastic packaging, the production process is simpler and the material is more unique. Companies can also plan tin boxes of different shapes according to different product capacities, shapes, product features and other factors, so as to better meet customer needs. The unique sealing and light-shielding properties of the iron box can well protect the product's due luster, fragrance and shape. The iron box can also prevent the contamination of microorganisms and dust and improve the hygiene and safety of the product. In view of the many advantages of tin box packaging, many candy brands are vying to launch new tin box packaging products.

The metal candy tins square has a variety of shapes, such as round, rectangular, heart-shaped, etc., which are mainly used for wedding candy packaging boxes. In addition, it can also be used for holiday gift packaging, such as chocolate tin box packaging. Such a tin box gift is very suitable for giving to loved ones. This series of candy tin boxes use 23-wire Baosteel tinplate as the material. Four-color printing and spot-color printing are available for printing. The surface of the box can be matte, bright, blasting oil, orange peel oil, and flat relief.

Looking at the world, more and more candies are beginning to focus on packaging. In addition to the higher requirements for the taste of candy, consumers are also increasingly interested in the "value" of candy. How to stand out among the dazzling array of candies, attract consumers' attention, and promote purchase behavior, packaging is very important.

As one of the leading Square Tin Boxes manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're equipped with an SEDEX audited and BRC approved factory at your service. If you're interested in our metal candy tins square, please be free to wholesale our quality products. For customized service and custom products, please inform us of details now.
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