Square Silver Tin Box

Square Silver Tin Box

"square silver tin box" is made of 0.23 mm first grade tinplate,for 100-150g tea packaging,can keep tea dry from moist, 4-pieces structure(lid/body/base/inner lid), it's silver finishing but CMYK printing with glossy varnishing/matte finishing is available, custom logo design welcome, OEM design accept.

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square silver tin box is made of 0.23mm homemade first class tinplate, sliver color but CMYK printing is available, FDA food-grade standard tinplate so inside of box can pack tea directly, consumers can use the inner tray to hold tea. 

Customized design or OEM order is welcome, more 1000 sizes and shapes available, welcome your inquiry!

Mold            MK-1009

Size              71*71*99Hmm

OEM             custom logo design accept, CMYK OEM design

MOQ            5,000 pcs

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small bespoke tin box

  • Sedex member factory, Disney approved factory

  • 600+wokers, 30000 square meters.

  • We set up Co-Pack dust-free workroom in our facility(A value added service to our customers).

  • 35 Automati-stamping production line for tin boxes.

  • Passed ISO, SGS, Sedex, BSCI, Disney, FDA, LFGB, EN71 and CA65 Certificates, to promise good quality and your smoothly custom clearance.

small bespoke tin box

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of packaging tin boxes and plastic packaging?

Nowadays, many products have begun to use packaging iron boxes as outer packaging. At present, the upper packaging on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: plastic packaging, carton packaging, and iron box packaging. However, with the changes in social economy and people's ideas, the use rate of tin box packaging produced by can factories has become more and more popular. Why? Today, Youfeng Can Factory will give you an explanation.

Plastic packaging is the traditional packaging method in the past. It has occupied the primary proportion of packaging for a long time. Its strengths are light weight, good durability, excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, chemical laziness, and outstanding molding processing functions. The advantage of substitution. Plastic packaging is the simplest of all packaging materials, and it is easy to form and easy to process. When processing, only need to replace the mold to get a container with a different appearance, which is convenient for mass production.

The defect of plastic packaging is that it is deformed under high temperature, easy to oxidize and become brittle, which is not conducive to long-term retention. One of its most fatal defects is environmental pollution, which is also the fundamental reason why plastic packaging is gradually eliminated.

As an emerging packaging material, square silver tin box has shined in recent years, mainly because of the excellent compression resistance, plasticity and high temperature resistance of tinplate boxes. The most important point is that iron boxes do not pollute the environment, which is especially important today when consumers are increasingly aware of environmental protection.

As one of the leading Square Tin Boxes manufacturers and suppliers in China, we're equipped with an SEDEX audited and BRC approved factory at your service. If you're interested in our square silver tin box, please be free to wholesale our quality products. For customized service and custom products, please inform us of details now.
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